Monday, March 2, 2009

ways to save money

well well in the days who is not looking to save some hard earned dollars.and i too know this topic has been written so many times by so many.but here i want to write down some which have worked real well for me.
1.cook at home...yep do your own cooking than pay someone else.i work 9 to 6 but i still cook all my meals every single day.i actually plan what i am gonna cook that week and bring in only those veggies.this way i dont waste anything.and not wasting is also saving.i dont throw away the curries even if its just a few spoonfuls.i pack them into small boxes and bring them all out when they are like 4 boxes......i have platter now.
if i buy herbs like curry leaves or mint....i use them fresh or make a paste and freeze them.this way nothing gets spoiled or wasted. wholesale.........thank you costco.thats where i go every week for my milk eggs,gas,tissues,chicken,fish(frozen),bread,fruits,sugar, even some clothes(they do carry some great jeans yeah u can find calvin klein or gloria vanderbilt to name a few for lesser cost).for eg.the GV jeans i got 1 pair in jcpenny for 25 i find a same pair in costco for just 15bucks
3.using 1 car.......we are a single car family by choice.luckily it works for us also.we work all the money for monthly instalments,insurance,car maintenence like even car wash is saved.we get to spend more time together now,driving from and to our home,or when we go for shopping.
4.making my own jewellry...i started making my own jewellry like earrings and chains.and its easy making them all i spent was some 16 bucks for the starting materials and now i have at least 4 pairs of earrings and a necklace in the making. if i bought them outside they would cost me a lot more that.
5.baking...i bake as often as i can.not only on birthdays but for friends also.i can find so many recipes online and baking is easy just follow instructions. and u have real good cakes and cookies. bottled water or sir i prefer my brita filter and i am sure many out there do the same.and sodas we get them only for parties which we do so few maybe a few times a year....good for health and pocket. look for coupons be it from walgreens,cvs or them and store when i have good coupons.
8.clothes....preferably i skip going to the mall.even if i go i decide what i really want and need and buy just that.any store i go i first look at the clearence section,look for any good stuff there and then anywhere else.when i shop for clothes,i want to buy what i need then to fill up my closet not bcos a friend of mine is buying.
9.buying frozen...i buy quite a few veggies frozen. veggies like lima beans,spinach,okra(lady finger),corn.broccoli,beans....they come a lot cheaper frozen.and many say they are healthier becos they are frozen right at the fields and transported versus the fresh veggies which travel and stay out in the store for a long time.
ok enough for now more some other day

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