Wednesday, November 7, 2007

my love

i am falling in love all over again its not another guy but its him....the same person for the last 2 years....whom i loved and then hated, doubted,felt like moving away....i shouted at him scolded him....said he brought me here, made me miserable,scolded why he got his documents n not me even when he does not need a new EAD and i so desperately want.....all through my bickering n name calling he stood with me held me close .....sometimes i feel i cannot be without him,what will i do, i fear some day he will give up one me for all my anger.....but i also know he wont...for he loves me much that i feel miserable for the things i say to him....all i want now is to hold him n close my eyes .... this will pass n with him beside me i can face anything oh yeah thats how he makes me feel....happy,confident,complete

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

my garden

its been sometime since i got any new plants ...i am concentrating on the ones i have..oh almost forgot,i now have my own tulasi, after many trials..its growing well thanks to the seeds mummy got me last year.all the daisies are having so many new buds looks like this year i can see them all in bloom my whites,yellow and purple.somehow thats pretty much like my life now...i can see my dreams n a hope to see them come true ...but i have to wait somemore days maybe EAD is lost in post it seems...wait n wait lemme see what happens.

Monday, November 5, 2007

my favorite foods

these days of waiting and depressing disappointments led me back to my favorite food,oh how i love best comfort foods though have more chocolates but its chocolate cakes....n more interesting i am baking them for myself chocolate fudge cakes,black forest cakes n i am loving them.oh i almost forgot newfound love ..peanut butter and its all mine..he is allergic to peanuts.i am sure all this wait for my EAD sure will make me a few pounds heavier.
these days a few nice things also happened.... my baby is happy n healthy...she is walking actually running around and jumping.and she is having her bottle when awake ..well i had to wait for more than a year but as everything else in my life i have to wait and wait.

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