Wednesday, October 24, 2007

good things

some really good things happened these last baby is doing grt n i am so happy for last after more than a year she started to drink her milk when awake ... thats a big thing for me.... no need to get her to sleep 5 times a day. now she is sticking to her schedule n i am happy to have a c her full after her bottle n just give me big hug.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


almost 3 months, i just did not want to write...lost in depression almost suicidal then back but still not there.for the last 3 months i was waiting very desperately for my EAD n its still not here.i want a job that will not only boost my confidence but can makes matters easy on him..........i am looking for just any job now...cant go for a science job they are in down town a 2 hr drive, n i dont even know how to drive ..he has no time to teach me n i can't go for a tutor not unless i earn.then there is my baby wher can i find a babysitter who will feed her n play with with a smile always n never raising her voice...otherwise she wouldn't eat.but first will she be ok without me...she wont leave me except in sleep even now...what to do??????

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