Monday, July 16, 2007

visit to doctor

i had go to the doctor last week...its abt my toe...the nail had grown ..well inside the skin...phew...everything that touchs there i would scream in pain,it became so bad that my baby was imitating me...she picks up things fast....n u wont believe she thought all the time i am playing a game,i mean everytime she stands on my feet i would scream n just that she may not be frightened i would laugh n make mistake.
it all happened bcos i got busy with my babies ...oh yeah never mentioned before right i have 2 babies i had the day i got married and another a year later, my payal. i like to cook everymeal, four times a day for them n have to spend more time to get them to eat n then cleaning i was left with too little of my time which i spend on them baddy.
now i did not cut it in time my nail so the doc did it for me...not just the tip but almost half of it till the base, of course had a shot of anesthesia to the toe.
the saying 'a stitch in time saves nine' makes sense to me now.
u know the funny part was....the doc a desi...was the first person i felt at home talking to after coming here,i mean in person after him. she appreciated for being a tough one..for i preferred to watch the whole process of pealing of my nail, than just lying down.but thats not the reason....she talked to me, not his as a person...not bcos he is promoted n can give job to her or her some did in a party...all of a sudden taking notice of me after 2 years...for once i liked to be known as me ..after a long time.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

my wieght loss story

one the side effects of pregnancy,(yep thats how i say it.....)was my wieght gain.
i gained almost a 50 pounds well not all during my pregnancy,maybe a 10 when i was lazing off after my marriage.i was always a thin girl abt 50 kgs never even crossed 55 all my life n now u can imagine the horror i felt at 150 parents were so shocked when the saw me....i thought all along ok let the baby come out i'll bcom normal again...but even 6 six months after baby i was 145...what to do...i tried gym lost maybe 5 pounds....but after mummy daddy left i was doing all the cooking n he as usual was too busy.
coming to my baby, she is an angel the sweetest baby as long as i dont try to feed i said before she hates bottle ndoes not drink when awake so i had to spend more time trying to get her to sleep at feeding time....frustrating time taking n energy draining. nu wont believe she took care of my dieting...any minute i spend away from her even eating ...she would cry real badly i had 2 choices eat petful n watch her cry or finish as fast as possible b4 she starts crying ... thats my dieting.
my wieghts...oh yeah i did some weights slowly increasing in pounds.... my baby again... she wont sit in a high chair so i carry her around till she finishes her ceareal or rice or gerber...ophh what a slow eater she is.
my walks....lots of it ...yeah u r right with my baby....we walk all around the apartments now in a stroller but b4 we lived on 3rd floor so i preferred to carry her during our walks.
i should really thank my baby if not for her i would have been still at 150...well lets me not say she was responsible for me getting i am 115 yahoooooooooooooooooooooo.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


yep n lots of them.....he has changed a lot these last few days.
i dont say he was bad before...but now he spends more n more time with the baby n thats what i always i can be in kitchen n hear their laughs not her cries...i dont need to lose my temper...not even when she does not eat...i wait n try i feel i have more energy..not worried or depressed,i am actually looking forward each day.
earliar also i did everything but then i was not so happy at times.....i felt like incomplete...but now i do with a new zest

not again

they changed the dates.....the visa bulletin got us bad news this time...not july but october n GOD only knows when i can get a job i have to confess it did not bother me as much as the fact i could not get the job i was hoping for...maybe i am getting used to it now...
again n again it happens .... i try to build something n it just gets blown away n i have to rebuild it again n i will i just need to wait some more
the good part is we will get more money at least for this quarterly well his share of the firm filing fees n no lawyer fees at least now....maybe in october

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