Friday, March 14, 2008


sonia gandhi..time and again when i hear her name or as matter of fact any of her so called gandhi family...i just dont know how we did this to us ...i mean how come jawahar lal nehru's daughter become a gandhi when the husband's name is feroze gandhy..a parsi surname..when did the change happen and come so many dont even know that n think that they are of 'mahatma' gandhi family in the rural india,n there r lie all the votes ..when the real gandhi family lives in obscurity.
how did she rise to be the most powerful person in the country when she never wanted anything to do with indian politics and even an indian citizenship for a real long time. now here she is discussing about our nuclear policy with the world and any world leader who visits india does stop at 10 janpath as does the files from pmo and the sardarji himself.
she wanted to be our PM and so did all her super supporters in congress but according to our parliament and our constitution,no person of any country can hold a public position n our country when our countrymen cannot hold a public post in their country or simply put reciprocity former president kalaam did not allow her to be the prime minister and lo a sardharji was made prime minister...making all the sardharji jokes true.but how come she is a MP still...thanks to the supreme court
i do not disrespect him..manmohan singh is good person and experienced but was that the only criterion for his present position.
i am not bjp supportor or that of a matter of fact i dont support any party but how come in a country of 1 billion we dont have one able leader...not one person who can unite the masses and educated, a person with a vision and less of self interest...ok let him/her make some money enough for the next 10 generations or more like any other politician but still do some good to our country from the grassroots.
sounds silly right..i ok with a corrupt politician yep i know its a compromise but is there not one good leader in this country.
is it true ...the sonia gandhi family is never checked for security anywhere in india..i mean their luggage and stuff.
please someone assure me there is some hope

Monday, March 10, 2008

these days

life hasnt changed much me,yes i am trying to get myself busy....making new friends,doing odd jobs n stuff like.
when did i last write any thing maybe a month ago,since then i successfully finished my wilton course one...made lots of cakes, even got an offer to start my own bakery.still thinking about it.i catered for a party n got a good pay...did some babysitting jobs,made some flu, moved into a new apartment,finished all the packing and unpacking in 2 days,starting my new kitchen garden in my patio,waiting eagerly for mummy and daddy,diving in and out of they are bad must see a doctor soon,applying for jobs..waiting for replies..listening friends not to show a gap in resume...just put something yaar..uh..but how can i write i did a project when i did not...then they say i will not get any job here.god help me.
through all this onething wakes me up every morning from this last....a warm big hug and a soft kiss from him...makes me forget every pain every worry and gives me enough strength to face another day.
thank you sree for being so patient checking on my blog...i now know for sure there is someone who will be checking on me

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