Tuesday, February 19, 2008

growing up

my baby is growing and she is real fast.nowadays she wants to eat with a spoon herself at times,run for bath and pour water on her and play with soap,change her clothes..she is trying to do a lot.put all the papers she tore up into trash can,sweep the news paper under the sofa to tidy up room for visiters,pull clothes out of the dryer,even pick up the coffee cup his father left by the sofa and instead dropping it on sofa and again clean it up with a tissue...my baby,my cute little baby wants to do everything.she knows no shoes inside the house and even puts them off at times.
it was funny to watch her in our new apartment...we are abt to move and were checking it out...we were wearing our shoes n lo she says take my shoes off...and we both had to remove our shoes..she went back,picked up the shoes and put them in the empty closet..wow way to go dear.
makes me think she is grown up..and then comes running to me saying 'pick me up',raising her hands...want to be held,carried show her the moon...dreamily plays with my hair with a finger in her mouth...wants all my attention no sharing not even with daddy at times....now i think she is still my baby.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


today was so different...we both woke up so early,i usually wake up for baby but get back to bed or just try for a cat nap in the morning and he wakes up around 8...whatever.
i tried to read a while and lo his boss called him for lunch so no packing him lunch also...another unusual.ok now what,made some pancakes ,by the time baby is up... fight with her to brush as usual and again so that she can eat some gerber ...hmm not so usual.
we played all day till lunch and my baby wasn't fussy and not so happy too with lunch another day another hour for lunch...now time for teletubbies followed by milk..luckily i managed a couple of ounces.now she is ready to buzz off.but then she keeps on waking up every 30 mins.
tryng to get her back to sleep the fourth time i dozed off...thought i can wake up around 3.30 but it was almost 4.30 when we got up.usually she pulls my hair,my eyes anything to wake up as soon she she gets up and that is within 15 minutes i join her in bed usually...what happened i wanted to read when she sleeps and ended up sleeping for soooooo long.
hurry up its almost time within an hour and half i should give her a bath have mine...prepare her dinner,his snack and between all the get her yougurt clean dishes give her milk and get ready for my first cake decoration class...yep today it is.
later when he drove me off to the class, i was so apprehensive ...he is about to feed her dinner for the first time,at hs brother's house..will she eat?what will my bro in law think?will she be okay without me?
at the class i had this wierd feeling everyone is mocking me..and even the instructor was almost said,in her words"i never thought u would...." when i said i bake my own dulce de leche cakes...i knew later why...i was dressed ok..but no make up and in all the hurry i did not comb my hair properly ..i mean its not so bad but not the usual clean pony...wow how people judge on looks....its ok seen that so many times, i must get used to it
my baby was not upset as long as she was with her cousins, she did not eat her dinner properly ...he tried hard to manage her for the 2 hrs and even when she started bellowing when her hand got struck in the car seat belt..which of course she opened,on the way to pick me up...she was without me for the first time and he survived maybe becos of the cousin factor
ok goto go she is up and is crying

Monday, February 4, 2008

happy news

as i said before i posted the ad...and then it happened.my parents called me up and said they will come here and help me with my baby and i can take care of my carreer ...hey i am so happy.so what to do...i started applying for jobs...microbiologist,molecular biologist and for a science teacher.
i want to start slow, baby steps...i have away from books for a long time and almost forgot everything ...and hardly can make enough time to read...hmmm must make some changes ....from today i will leave the baby to him for a while and sit in apartment office and read.reduced all the time i spend cooking ..nomore cooking 5 times a day.
we have to move into a new apartment,saw one yesterday and we really like it but its on the third floor...its ok i hope with the baby.
need to do plenty of shopping for mummy and daddy's room.i am really looking forward for them and hope i get a job by then
the funny thing in all this was...the two ladies working in the apartment office were too good....one charged us a 300 dollars for moving out of the present apartment...and showed us a bad one.the next day another lady comes shows a beautiful apartment and cancelled all of the 300 dollars....ring a bell..good cop and bad cop.
and now i am getting plenty of calls for baby sitting ....oops i forgot to pull the ad off

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