Saturday, December 29, 2007

taare zameen par

recently i have seen so many movies but one i can relate to n loved is taare zameen par,the directorial debut of aamir khan.the little boy,who loved to draw n watch the world....who could not get along with other kids let alone his studies..always failing..always bullied...nobody could understand him not even his parents....until the problem is identified by a teacher n getting help.the kid was wonderful....n the movie was too..i was taken back to my school days....always mocked n bullied...for being clumsy,for being short n dark....always alone ...i couldn't fight back my tears...i cried,maybe thats the first time i cried watching a movie...his problem was dyslexia n mine i donno,i was sort of dyslexic as a kid but changed a lot.never a problem with studies though failed at medical entrance,it took a long time to cope with failure but then i always topped class in degree n got a fellowship in masters which i gave up to get married with him...but never made through with people....donno why.his solace was painting and my solace were my painting n poetry n my mom n now him.
how i wish i had good friends then n even now.i got some in between but when i moved here we just got so busy in our lives that we hardly ever mail each other.
one thing always bothered me.....why would somebody want to bully anyone?do they even think how hurtful it is?

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