Friday, June 29, 2007


yep accident....he met with an accident. maybe its not the way to put it but then he just crashed his car when he drove off the red unlike him hmm that he did bcos the guy in front of him drove n being on phone with a client he did not c the lights n followed him for the first time...i am sure he will never ever repeat it again.
last friday ....the first time i said i wont pack lunch for him....reason.. i was so angry for he does not help me with the baby n i was drained out after the moving n unpacking n cleaning n ofcourse the cooking for his bday...i did most of the cleaning all the packing n unpacking as he was too busy at work.....the result he goes out to pick lunch n runs over the result..a chevy tahoe slams into our car...poor thing its totalled leaving him totally shaken but walks out unharmed except the bruises n cramps...
lesson/s he learned....never talk on phone when driving,dont ever blindly follow,
what about not making me angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lesson i learned...never ever say i wont pack u lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


at last my prayers are answered... the other day he told me our green card processing is accelerated i mean ....we will get the green card maybe in a year.....but important for me i'll get a work permit in six months...yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
i am happy i am happy i am so happy....i can work soon n by then my baby will be a year n a half....n i dont need to go n file for a h1b as i planned anymore...n then when i earn enough i will go to college ...i mean i can do that now but i dont want him to pay for it u call it egotist or whatever i dont like anyone paying my bills unless i can contribute something myself....i mean not just the cooking, cleaning or the baby more than that i want....maybe then i can afford to call my parents to take of my baby when i am off to work...all by myself.
i am so looking forward to badly

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

back at last

at last i am back here again .... to my own recluse...its almost a month...
what happened these days .... a lot ... i had a fever down for a week then we moved ..4 days gone in packing n unpacking n all the cleaning of both the apts...n then comes his b'day on sunday so off goes another week preparing all his favorite stuff when he was away at work n thanks to my baby...oh how could she bcom so demanding these days.... uff how i wish i can find some free time for just myself at least sometime....yeah a lttle time for myself wont hurt right.
hey have a question its bothering me real bad from the day i arrived here oh yeah from day 1 .... everytime i see a desi i can't help but say a hi with a smile for i am seeing my countrymen n all get back is who r u sort of look..well most of them....i mean is it me the americans r fine with me they talk with me n my baby....i am not an intimidating person....i dont think a 5 feet 1 inch 120 pound person with a friendly disposition ( well bragging abt myself!!!!!!!!!!!) i intimidating??????????? is it me or just my imagination???????


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