Friday, April 11, 2008

mummy n daddy

after a long deliberation i asked my parents to come here babysit my daughter...i wanted to start a job but hated to put her in daycare.n they agreed after another month of thinking....finally the day of arrival.i am happy,maybe i have to say its a nervous happy...i was not sure how my baby will be with them,how they can handle her...i mean i pampered her a lot n she is always with n me with her,when i will get a job,what will happen ...i was so apprehensive.
the flight would arrive at 3 pm so he went to pick them them up...then we checked the flight details..delay due to rain 4pm arrival.
ok just another hour we thought.but as time passed they did not show up i was worried what happened.
5pm he calls up n says he cannot find them.flight authorities say flight has arrived n there is no sign of them or thier luggage.
now my worry turned to panic..i started calling american airlines...asking for details about the flight..all they say is flight has arrived...n would not give out any details about my parents whereabouts....all i wanted to know was if they got on the flight in new yerk n washington..nope no information......i tried to be composed,fight back my tears but could not...i could not talk on phone normally i was crying n pleading for any information they can give about them.
i was so worried bcos i made them travel this far for me my father turns 70 this year n my mum is 55 ...i get angry with them many a time n at times even hate them but not knowing how they are and where there put me in a completely new perspective.i could not bear losing them
6pm he calls me ...he found them
they were in the flight n its was on the runway all the time after landing.nobody would tell that.all they would say is everyone in that flight left.
7pm they come home.
i was never more happy or relieved seeing them
how could the authorities do such a they give wrong information that all passengers have left?dont they have any responsiblity?

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