Friday, November 21, 2008

new babysitter

ok,now i have had it.
she,my baby, does not want her diaper changed by the baby sitter.does not want to be fed by her or at times even touch i changed the i put her with a different indian lady who is telugu,has had kids and is well recomended.she stayed for half day.and u will not believe she started crying for the old babysitter today i had to take there instaed of the new one.i cannot tell the new one why she is not coming today so i tell her husband work from home so she at home.and u know what she will know its otherwise bcos my husbabds employee's kids also go to the same new lady.phew.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

days after mummy left

yep my mummy went back to India.All my attempts to take them to niagara in vain, though i did go without mummy and daddy.they had to leave early since annayya was not well,thats another story.
but after she left i dont why but for a little while i was relieved,i could do what i wanted how i wanted.there was no one to remind me of my mistakes or the other choices i could have taken in life . but all that joy was shortlived.after our vacation it was time for me to go back to work and for him too.but what about payal who will take care of her.mine was a new job i cant take lots of days off but he can,he is the boss in his it was settled that he would watch payal till my in laws arrive.but the days of waiting turned into weeks and months.looks like they will take their own sweet time to come.
so i had to take matters to my hand,i zipped through the classified and viola i have a baby sitter that sounded good. try to meet her and lo my friend's kid is me happys.
but not payal.2 weeks she was fine happy to play but no, i had to shuttle between work and her to feed her lunch.but this week isn't better she doesn't want to even stay there.oh man.mummy why did you even go.

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