Friday, February 27, 2009

baking contest

Baking contest

I won I won. I won a baking contest. Well to be frank I should not call it a contest, bcos there were only 3 cakes competing and to top it off I had friends who were prepared to vote for me even before they tasted my cake. Phew, cheating. Well I did try and bake a good one and the icing was yummy. I decorated it with cute flowers and borders. Then, to top it off that chocolate cake is not just my favorite but it’s a crowd favorite everywhere I took it. But still the victory did not feel that great. The only solace was when that little American boy came up to me and said “ I am gonna vote for you. Your cake is good.”
When his little girl friend wanted him to vote for the cheesecake.
The prize, a $50 card from target but my favorite was the smiling kids and when they shouted that they like my cake.

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