Thursday, March 5, 2009

test for license

Test for license

After being asked for a long time, he finally took me to write the test. And I flunked it. I failed the test. Its such a simple test and when I told the employee that I failed he was so surprised. How could I fail such a simple test what was I thinking?
Well I do have my reasons. I read well about signs, rules to be followed and all that stuff but never bothered to read about drunk driving and the fines and suspensions regarding. Why should I even bother about it? I don’t drink so there is never a chance of intoxicated driving on my behalf. Phew. And I never thought they will ask any question about it. My bad. There were at least 6 questions about drunk driving and the fines when you get caught like that, and also what will happen if we refuse to give blood samples etc for test when caught.
Man, next time I will read that part of the book also.
I failed a test after a long time maybe 20 years. And now I donno how long I have to wait to write the test again, he has to take me again. hmmm.

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