Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what if I am laid off

What to do if I am laid off?

What to do if I am laid off? When the news of the first layoffs came to me, I panicked. Yes, I did panic. For about 2 weeks I could not think of anything but my job security. After all I just knew I was almost axed. But now after almost 2 months I am far away from it all. Now I am prepared, both mentally and financially. I have tightened my belt a bit, cut down on a few excesses I was taking for granted and more than that I have a plan and options to choose from if I do get laid off. What are my options? Here they are.

1. Babysitting… I can always do that at home. I can watch at least 2 more and that will give at least $1000.I am a mom of a toddler so I do know how to work with kids.
2. Catering….I can cook and even larger amounts. And I have done it before I got my current job so I can always go back to it. That can fetch me an odd 100 or 200 per month.
3. Pet sitting and dog walking…I never explored it before until I saw a recent flier...100 for dog walking per month. I can do that…well anyone can do that.
4. Baking…I sure can bake. I have a certificate to prove it and friends and family to vouch for me. The money may not be a lot but still I can make at least a few hundred bucks for sure.
5. Tutoring…I did my masters in science and did do some teaching a long while ago. If not for master’s students, I can at least teach/tutor for grade school. And when I last checked it’s at least $20 per hour and more but never less with at least 3or 4 hours a week that’s 60 to 80 per week or 240 to 320 per month per student. That’s good money for the hours.
These for sure I can pursue. All this together may not be a lot but it can sustain me for a while. Better do something useful than whining all alone is my policy now.

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