Monday, August 10, 2009

laid off

I am now officially laid off. Aug 14th is my last date at work
I was going through so many things in my head at that time. I took a day off on Monday only to get a call from my manager looking for. She is someone who never does that, its always me who goes to her. The is someone who never does that, its always me who goes to her. hat made me pretty much aware of what is going to happen the next day. Tuesday I walk to her and she says I need to see where others are and off she goes to my HR manager. Within 15 minutes I get a call from conference room across hall ……I knew what’s going to happen all along but when she actually told me I could not hold back my tears. All the time she was talking about how valuable I was to the team and she wants me to still stay but the company cannot afford me any longer ……all I could think in my head was ……. get it over with, I know you are laying me off say it out loud and clear. But man, was it hard to hear or harder to control the tears welling up in my eyes. I had to rush out but never show them my anguish.
I called him and within minutes we were out of office to pick my baby. I needed to be in my comfort zone …my home. And my home is where they are
P.S. That day I went on a pilgrimage from Austin to Houston ……went to Meenakshi temple and also to hillcroft to buy myself a dress to offer to lakshmi Devi on a sravana sukravaram


Ekta said... so sorry to hear that...its a terrible time..everywhere wer seeing the same thing!
Pls dont get disheartened...take a short break..revive yourself and then start looking for alternate opportunities...maybe this is a time for u to do what u always wanted to do but couldnt otherwise?

joy said...

yep,i am actually more relieved now.i am no more when the axe might fall.and we threw a party to all our friends and then told them at a chukee cheese' will not believe but though we are a bit worried about future we both have never more close in the recent past in laws were here for 6 months...plain havoc in our lives.anyways thank you for your support

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