Monday, August 10, 2009

laid off

I am now officially laid off. Aug 14th is my last date at work
I was going through so many things in my head at that time. I took a day off on Monday only to get a call from my manager looking for. She is someone who never does that, its always me who goes to her. The is someone who never does that, its always me who goes to her. hat made me pretty much aware of what is going to happen the next day. Tuesday I walk to her and she says I need to see where others are and off she goes to my HR manager. Within 15 minutes I get a call from conference room across hall ……I knew what’s going to happen all along but when she actually told me I could not hold back my tears. All the time she was talking about how valuable I was to the team and she wants me to still stay but the company cannot afford me any longer ……all I could think in my head was ……. get it over with, I know you are laying me off say it out loud and clear. But man, was it hard to hear or harder to control the tears welling up in my eyes. I had to rush out but never show them my anguish.
I called him and within minutes we were out of office to pick my baby. I needed to be in my comfort zone …my home. And my home is where they are
P.S. That day I went on a pilgrimage from Austin to Houston ……went to Meenakshi temple and also to hillcroft to buy myself a dress to offer to lakshmi Devi on a sravana sukravaram

Thursday, July 16, 2009

more lay offs

yep,there were more layoffs again within 6 months in my office.i survived again.that was not what i first .there was a numbness allover i remember unable to think straight.i wanted to know who got axed if my name was in it.i survived but my friends did not.most of them will be leaving by the month,that was hard to see 30% of the work force go and chances of the company doing better slim.its a nightmare for us all remaining.we cannot stop wondering when the next layoffs will be.
well i took up a new hobby of late .....beading.its really helping me keep my calm,the way baking used to help.i have my own website also

Thursday, March 5, 2009

test for license

Test for license

After being asked for a long time, he finally took me to write the test. And I flunked it. I failed the test. Its such a simple test and when I told the employee that I failed he was so surprised. How could I fail such a simple test what was I thinking?
Well I do have my reasons. I read well about signs, rules to be followed and all that stuff but never bothered to read about drunk driving and the fines and suspensions regarding. Why should I even bother about it? I don’t drink so there is never a chance of intoxicated driving on my behalf. Phew. And I never thought they will ask any question about it. My bad. There were at least 6 questions about drunk driving and the fines when you get caught like that, and also what will happen if we refuse to give blood samples etc for test when caught.
Man, next time I will read that part of the book also.
I failed a test after a long time maybe 20 years. And now I donno how long I have to wait to write the test again, he has to take me again. hmmm.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what if I am laid off

What to do if I am laid off?

What to do if I am laid off? When the news of the first layoffs came to me, I panicked. Yes, I did panic. For about 2 weeks I could not think of anything but my job security. After all I just knew I was almost axed. But now after almost 2 months I am far away from it all. Now I am prepared, both mentally and financially. I have tightened my belt a bit, cut down on a few excesses I was taking for granted and more than that I have a plan and options to choose from if I do get laid off. What are my options? Here they are.

1. Babysitting… I can always do that at home. I can watch at least 2 more and that will give at least $1000.I am a mom of a toddler so I do know how to work with kids.
2. Catering….I can cook and even larger amounts. And I have done it before I got my current job so I can always go back to it. That can fetch me an odd 100 or 200 per month.
3. Pet sitting and dog walking…I never explored it before until I saw a recent flier...100 for dog walking per month. I can do that…well anyone can do that.
4. Baking…I sure can bake. I have a certificate to prove it and friends and family to vouch for me. The money may not be a lot but still I can make at least a few hundred bucks for sure.
5. Tutoring…I did my masters in science and did do some teaching a long while ago. If not for master’s students, I can at least teach/tutor for grade school. And when I last checked it’s at least $20 per hour and more but never less with at least 3or 4 hours a week that’s 60 to 80 per week or 240 to 320 per month per student. That’s good money for the hours.
These for sure I can pursue. All this together may not be a lot but it can sustain me for a while. Better do something useful than whining all alone is my policy now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

ways to save money

well well in the days who is not looking to save some hard earned dollars.and i too know this topic has been written so many times by so many.but here i want to write down some which have worked real well for me.
1.cook at home...yep do your own cooking than pay someone else.i work 9 to 6 but i still cook all my meals every single day.i actually plan what i am gonna cook that week and bring in only those veggies.this way i dont waste anything.and not wasting is also saving.i dont throw away the curries even if its just a few spoonfuls.i pack them into small boxes and bring them all out when they are like 4 boxes......i have platter now.
if i buy herbs like curry leaves or mint....i use them fresh or make a paste and freeze them.this way nothing gets spoiled or wasted. wholesale.........thank you costco.thats where i go every week for my milk eggs,gas,tissues,chicken,fish(frozen),bread,fruits,sugar, even some clothes(they do carry some great jeans yeah u can find calvin klein or gloria vanderbilt to name a few for lesser cost).for eg.the GV jeans i got 1 pair in jcpenny for 25 i find a same pair in costco for just 15bucks
3.using 1 car.......we are a single car family by choice.luckily it works for us also.we work all the money for monthly instalments,insurance,car maintenence like even car wash is saved.we get to spend more time together now,driving from and to our home,or when we go for shopping.
4.making my own jewellry...i started making my own jewellry like earrings and chains.and its easy making them all i spent was some 16 bucks for the starting materials and now i have at least 4 pairs of earrings and a necklace in the making. if i bought them outside they would cost me a lot more that.
5.baking...i bake as often as i can.not only on birthdays but for friends also.i can find so many recipes online and baking is easy just follow instructions. and u have real good cakes and cookies. bottled water or sir i prefer my brita filter and i am sure many out there do the same.and sodas we get them only for parties which we do so few maybe a few times a year....good for health and pocket. look for coupons be it from walgreens,cvs or them and store when i have good coupons.
8.clothes....preferably i skip going to the mall.even if i go i decide what i really want and need and buy just that.any store i go i first look at the clearence section,look for any good stuff there and then anywhere else.when i shop for clothes,i want to buy what i need then to fill up my closet not bcos a friend of mine is buying.
9.buying frozen...i buy quite a few veggies frozen. veggies like lima beans,spinach,okra(lady finger),corn.broccoli,beans....they come a lot cheaper frozen.and many say they are healthier becos they are frozen right at the fields and transported versus the fresh veggies which travel and stay out in the store for a long time.
ok enough for now more some other day

Friday, February 27, 2009

baking contest

Baking contest

I won I won. I won a baking contest. Well to be frank I should not call it a contest, bcos there were only 3 cakes competing and to top it off I had friends who were prepared to vote for me even before they tasted my cake. Phew, cheating. Well I did try and bake a good one and the icing was yummy. I decorated it with cute flowers and borders. Then, to top it off that chocolate cake is not just my favorite but it’s a crowd favorite everywhere I took it. But still the victory did not feel that great. The only solace was when that little American boy came up to me and said “ I am gonna vote for you. Your cake is good.”
When his little girl friend wanted him to vote for the cheesecake.
The prize, a $50 card from target but my favorite was the smiling kids and when they shouted that they like my cake.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

6 months and running

hey guys,if anyone is still reading my blog,its almost 6 months now in this job.
yay.i am happy.i still have a job that i love to do.6months ...phew away from the days of waiting and waiting for a good more worries about how to watch the 14 toddlers at school.just focus on my work and make good progress is all i want now.this job has taught a lot of new things,not just new techniques in lab but also new tips for i do have friends and support system,sort of, at work too.we all walk for about 3 miles everyday and chat all through our walk....makes me feel so good.not just healthwise but make me a better person.hearing to others their everyday stories and letting them in on my own....makes me feel as if i am part of something..i donno how to call it but its like a group of friends.two of them are chinese(my managers) ,in their late 40s, 1 american lady in her 50s looking for date and me in my early 30s,an indian. we talk almost about anything.

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